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Q) Where can I place dealer orders?
Once approved  please contact your assigned Dealer Rep.   If you do not have a dealer account you may apply for one online.

Q) What is the minimum order?
Unless otherwise approved by Healthy Human the opening order for all new accounts is $500. All re-orders must be a minimum of $250. An account must order a minimum of $2500 per calendar year to remain open.

Q) How much is shipping?
We ship all continental 48 State USA order free with UPS ground.  US orders outside of the lower 48 States are required to pay for shipping.  We can ship using your UPS / Fedex account or our USPS account.  If we ship with our USPS account you will be billed the cost price of the shipping.

International customers must provide their own Fedex / UPS / DHL account number for shipments.

Q) What are your MSRP prices?

The following are our MSRP prices.  All prices are in US$

16oz Stein  $19.99

21oz Stein   $24.99

32oz Stein   $29.99

40oz Stein   $34.99

12oz Cruiser Tumblers     $17.99

20oz Cruiser Tumblers    $19.99

32oz Cruiser Tumblers    $24.99

Accessory Lids   $9.99

Q) How do I pay for my orders?
All orders must be paid prior to dispatch. Please follow the payment link when placing your order to pay using a credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Q) How do I apply for credit terms?
Please contact your assigned Dealer Rep for a copy of our credit term application.

Q) What price can I sell the Healthy Human products for on my website?
Yes – you can sell the Healthy Human products on your website at MSRP pricing. The website must be the exact one listed on your dealer agreement.

Q) Can I sell the Healthy Human products on Amazon, eBay, Groupon or any other marketplace?
No. The only website you are authorized to sell on is the one listed on your Healthy Human retailer agreement. Selling on Amazon, eBay or any other marketplace is cause to have your reseller account immediately closed.

Q) Where can I get images for our website or promotional activities?
Please use the images posted on the Healthy Human website. If you need additional images contact our reseller department with your needs.

Q) Where can I get further information on your products?
Please visit the following pages for more product information:

Steins specifications 
Cruiser Specifications 
Rovers Specifications

Q) How long does it take for my goods to ship?
Please allow 1-5 days for your order to be processed and shipped. If you need faster shipping and would like to use your shipping account for express shipping please contact us as soon as you place your order.

Q) Where are your orders shipped from?
The majority of our orders ship from our logistics warehouse in Charleston SC, Los Angeles CA or New Jersey NJ.

Q) What if I do not see the color / size product I’m interested on your reseller backend?
At this time only available merchandize will show in the reseller portal. If you do not see a particular size / color then it is not available for purchase.

Q) I would like to place a bigger order than the stock you have available. How can I place much larger bulk orders?
Please contact us.  A dealer specialist will reach out and discuss the best options.

Q) I have further questions. How can I contact you?
Please click here to contact a Healthy Human dealer specialist.

Q) Where are Health Human products manufactured?
All Healthy Human products are designed in Charleston, SC then manufactured responsibly in China. We set out with the same concerns many of you may have about manufacturing, rest assured, no bottle was ever produced without going through our internal checklist and many many visits. All factories are hand selected and approved by us with excellent long term working partnerships established. Some main key points you will find in our factories: operate ethically, fairly and treat each employee with respect and dignity. Open door policy with our manufacturers allows us to sleep at night. By manufacturing in China, we are able to provide these handcrafted products with exceptional quality at reasonable prices.

Q) Will my customers get the lifetime Healthy Human warranty?
Yes – we stand by and warrant all of our products. Your customers will get the warranty posted on our website here:

Q) I would like to speak to a retailer specialists. How can I contact you?
Please click here to request a call back.